Liver Function Panel

Analyte: Albumin, Total protein, Creatinine kinase, Globulin, Albumin-globulin ratio, Gamma glutamyl transferase, Alanine aminotransferase, Aspartate aminotransferase, Alkaline phosphatase, Cholesterol, Total bilirubin, Direct bilirubin, Indirect bilirubin

Specimen type: Serum or Lithium heparin plasma. Plasma should be prepared by centrifugation for at least 15 minutes at 3000g at 4 deg C.

Blood collection type/additive: Red/Gold top Vacutainers (clot activator or no additives), or Green top Vacutainer with lithium heparin.

Minimum volume required: 0.2 mL

Turnaround time: 2 days for up to 20 samples

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