In Vitro Dissolution Absorption System (IDAS)

Biopharmaceutics Dissolution with Better In Vivo Correlation

The In Vitro Dissolution Absorption System (IDASTM) combines traditional dissolution testing with a means to determine and quantify interactions with a bio-relevant membrane.  IDAS provides the ability to evaluate absorption, permeation, accumulation, biomarker regulation and metabolism, as well as the ability to test a finished dosage form from a tablet, capsule to suspension.  The characterized and validated system allows for multiple dissolution media and drug products from all BCS classes.



  • Evaluate Formulations – Bioequivalence, Post Approval Changes, 505(b)(2)
  • Formulations
  • Evaluate Food Effects
  • Evaluate Locally Acting GI Products


Who benefits from IDAS™?  

If you are struggling with any of the following:

  1. Independently measured solubility, permeability and dissolution that rarely has physiologic relevance
  2. Poor correlation between in vitro drug product release characteristics and in vivo performance
  3. Limited utility of in vitro data in formulation development and optimization



IDAS™ Resources

For more information on Absorption Systems In Vitro Dissoluton Absorption System, please click on the links below:


Scientific Posters:

In Vivo Correlation: Assessment of Drug Gastrointestinal Supersaturation Using a Two-Stage In Vitro Dissolution Absorption System 2 (IDAS) (CRS 2018)

PSD: A Sensitive In Vitro Method to Detect Relevant Differences between Innovator and/or Generic Products That Could Be Used to Monitor Biopharmaceutical Product Consistency (AAPS 2016)

Viscosity: Assessment of In Vitro Dissolution and Permeation of Nano – and Micro-sized Oral Indomethacin Formulations (AAPS 2016)

Formulation Development: Evaluation of Viscosity Effects on Drug Dissolution and Permeation across Caco-2 Monolayers Using In Vitro Dissolution and Absorption Systems (IDAS) (AAPS 2016)

In Vivo Correlation: A Novel In Vitro Tool for Formulation Optimization and Streamline the Selection of Suitable Candidate Formulations for Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies in Humans (CRS 2016)


Scientific Presentations:

In Vivo Correlation: Evaluation of Correlation between Drug Flux across Caco-2 Monolayers Using IDAS and Drug Absorption (in vivo) from Various Oral Formulations of Atenolol, Minoxidil and Danazol (CRS 2017)

Utility: The Next Generation of Product Performance Tools – Combining Formulation Function with Effect (FDA 2017)

In Vivo Correlation: Developments in Preclinical Tools to Predict IVIVC (ExL 2016)



Viscosity, Food Effects: Using IDAS to Investigate the Effects of Artificial Fed or Fasted Intestinal fluids on Tablet Dissolution and Drug Absorption (2016)

Utility: Innovative In Vitro Methodologies for Establishing Therapeutic Equivalence (2016)