ADME Profiler

Benchmarking the ADME properties of your novel compound can be an exhaustive task. First, you need to develop robust, validated test systems. Second, procure a diverse chemical library and perform all the assays with confidence in the results.

With ADME Profiler and our validated test systems, Absorption Systems has removed those barriers. Absorption Systems’ extensive experience provides a comprehensive approach to predictive ADME testing. We employ a rational and multi-pronged approach that relies on well-validated, nonclinical models to bypass clinical studies and/or enhance quality by design (QbD). This approach allows you to advance your therapeutic innovations with increased accuracy and confidence.

What is it?

  • A high quality, growing, ADME reference dataset
  • Available as a subscription model for easy access
  • Data from assays that can be ordered online to ensure true comparison with a validated framework

What does it support?

  • Side-by-side data review of ADME results from your compounds and scaffolds vs. the reference dataset
  • Acceleration of H2L (hit-to-lead) via multi-parametric optimization
  • ADME input for IVIVE and PBPK modeling for improved insights into drug-like properties

Why ADME Profiler?

  • Improved development of drug molecules with good ADME properties
  • Multi-parametric optimization to accelerate H2L
  • Support computational model building for drug-like properties (IVIVE, PBPK)
  • Quick turnaround of results through our online eStore to support qSAR
  • Benchmark your compounds and scaffolds against model/reference datasets
  • Utilize high-quality test systems that are used for GLP for your early screening

How do your compounds compare to known standards?