Study Purpose

Evaluate the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals and drug-eluting devices designed to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) or treat glaucoma

Type of Model

Induction of glaucoma


26 days to establish model
Up to two weeks of testing

Test System

New Zealand White or Dutch Belted rabbits,
Sprague-Dawley rats, or Beagle dogs
Animals are prescreened for ocular abnormalities


  • IOP measurements at each time point (and pupil size if needed)
  • Evaluation of the test article’s ability to reduce intraocular pressure
  • Comparison of test article to currently approved therapeutics for the appropriate animal model
  • Tissue harvest and histopathological analysis (optional)
  • Bioanalysis of analyte concentrations and metabolites in target tissues (optional)

Model Description

  • Glaucoma models:
    • Steroid-induction, water provocative test (for short acting drugs), microspheric injection, trabeculectomy, episcleral vein inclusion
  • IOP-lowering studies in non-glaucomatous animals
    • Evaluation of glaucoma drugs for lowering IOP from baseline values
  • IOP measurements taken at customizable time points with a pneumatonometer and other tonometers depending on the species of choice


  • Animals are pre-screened for ocular abnormalities
  • Animals are acclimated to IOP measurement procedures prior to use, ensuring accurate and reliable results
  • Acclimated animals can be retained by Customer for use in future studies
  • Advanced equipment allows for superior measurements to meet FDA expectations
  • Absorption Systems has the equipment and expertise in-house to perform all evaluations on-site