Orthopedic Device Testing

Orthopedic devices are generally solid implants or absorbent materials that interface with bone to replace diseased joints, stabilize fractures or osteotomies, and/or stimulate healing. 

Preclinical testing for dental implants, devices, and materials is often similar to that for orthopedic implants. In addition, one must consider factors unique to the oral cavity including exposure to saliva and the motion and forces of mastication.

The Absorption Systems Difference

Our medical device research services optimize your time and budget with characterized in vivo models. Our expertise helps to meet unique study requirements as you progress from proof of concept to safety and effectiveness studies for your medical device.

Our experimental models and surgical support services enable us to perform a wide range of in vivo preclinical tests of medical devices with the ultimate goal of helping you attain successful 510(k) or PMA submissions. Our USDA-registered, NIH OLAW-assured and AAALAC-accredited facility is also available for contract vivarium leasing and physician training sessions.

Our experienced staff will consult with you to design an appropriate testing program, taking into account the nature of the device, its component materials, and its intended use.

Orthopedic programs are designed, performed, and interpreted by Absorption Systems’ experts.


What types of orthopedic services does Absorption Systems offer?

  • Critical size defect testing
  • External Fixation
    • External skeletal fixation systems
    • External ring fixation
    • Limb lengthening
    • Correction of angular limb deformity
  • Internal Fixation
    • Bone plating
    • Interlocking nail systems
    • Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis
  • Joint Replacement
    • Cemented total hip replacement
    • Uncemented total hip replacement
    • Total knee replacement
  • Joint Stabilization
    • Tightrope systems
    • Bone anchor systems
    • Toggle anchor systems
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
    • Arthroscopy
    • Fluoroscope-guided fracture
    • Reduction and stabilization
  • Osteointegration testing
  • Osteotomy and Ostectomy
    • • Triple pelvic osteotomy
      • Femoral head and neck excision
      • Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy
      • Tibial tuberosity advancement
      • Femoral head and neck excision
      • Sliding humeral osteotomy
      • Dynamic ulnar osteotomy
      • Sliding radial osteotomy
      • Limb sparing
  • Regenerative Medicine
    • Stem cell therapy

What type of orthopedic diagnostics does Absorption Systems offer?

  • Fluoroscopic Radiography
    • 9800 OEM, OEC 9900 C-arm
    • 12-inch Image Intesifier
  • MRI
  • Bone Density
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Bioanalytical

What experience does Absorption Systems have with histopathology?

  • Board Certified Pathologists
  • Gross Pathology
  • Paraffin or Plastic Embedding
  • Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining
  • Elastin Trichrome Staining
  • Digital Imagining
  • Histomorphometry