Sample Management

We recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity of your samples, so we go to great lengths to maintain the proper sample chain of custody.

  • Sample storage (ART, 4C, -20, -80, Liquid Nitrogen) in validated temperature sensitive chambers that are in complete compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • Prior to receipt, staff are trained on the project’s Sample Analysis Plan and TGA SOP “Receipt, handling, and Storage of client samples”
  • All samples are logged upon receipt to establish sample chain of custody
  • Specimen labels are verified against requisitions
  • Each time samples are analyzed, the event is recorded to track custody and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Sample storage systems are monitored electronically 24/7
  • A generator is located onsite and checked on a weekly basis to provide sample storage integrity
  • Preparation of specimen collection kits for clinical sites to assist in sample collection, preparation and shipment. A typical collection kit includes the following components:
    • Vacutainer collection tubes
    • Polypropylene transfer tubes
    • Specimen labels
    • Specimen sample forms
    • SOP’s for collection methods
    • Shipping containers
    • Shipping airbills