Dose Ranging Studies

While a true dose-ranging study is a clinical trial, Absorption Systems offers in vivo dose ranging studies where titerable doses of a test article or compound are tested against each other to establish which dose is safely tolerated.  A typical study format would include a placebo group of animals, along with several groups that receive higher and higher doses of the test article.

A routine format would include 4-6 test groups that provides a range from low to highest concentrations of the test article along with a group that receives the buffer that the test articles have been re-constituted in. The highest dose tolerated is defined as the maximum tolerable dose (MTD), which then is used to
determine further studies.

Other endpoints that can be generated from this type of testing can be chemistries, hematology panels, blood gases as well as a variety of biomarker measurements and necropsy and histology testing.  Absorption Systems has AAALAC and USDA accredited facilities.