• In Vivo Ocular PK

    Absorption Systems offers in vivo ocular PK studies in large and small animals, including distribution among various ocular tissues. Species Rodent Minipig Rabbit Pig Dog Sheep Dose Routes Topical Punctal Intracorneal Subconjunctival […]

  • Ocular In Vivo Capabilities

    State-of-the-art equipment to capture data and images: Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Slit-Lamp Biomicroscopy Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – Posterior Segment: 30° Lens, 55° Lens – Anterior Segment: Cornea Lens Fundus […]

  • Biologics & Gene Therapy In Vivo Services

    Absorption Systems offers the client a wide range of support for in vivo animal studies for research and clinical applications. Working as an extension of our client’s laboratory, we offer […]

  • Biodistribution & Shedding

    “The biodistribution data, coupled with other preclinical safety endpoints such as clinical pathology and histopathology, help determine whether vector presence or gene expression correlates with any tissue-specific detrimental effects in animals.”* Guidelines FDA. EMA, ICH, […]

  • Bioassays

    Absorption Systems provides the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Academic communities a comprehensive range of analytical lab services in support of basic research and development as well as for clinical studies. We […]

  • Bioanalytical Services for PK Studies

    Full Range Bioanalytical Services  Navigating regulatory requirements for bioanalytical testing can be challenging and time consuming. Absorption Systems’ bioanalytical experts will provide you with complete study support, from formulation to […]

  • Cell and Gene Therapy Ocular Services

    Optimized Ocular Models Focused on Improving Outcomes Absorption Systems offers specialized preclinical in vivo ocular models for cell and gene therapy products. Wild type, genetically modified, immunodeficient, and disease-induced models are […]

  • Cardiovascular

    Vascular Services Absorption Systems can take your program from feasibility through 510k/PMA submission with our comprehensive portfolio of preclinical vascular services. Species Rodent Rabbit Canine Minipig Pig Sheep Test Articles […]

  • Diabetic and Therapeutic Testing

    Diabetes is a complex metabolic disease presently affecting millions of people worldwide with serious acute and long-term complications. Metabolic disease or syndrome (MetS) is a multifactorial condition that presents a […]

  • Dose Ranging Studies

    While a true dose-ranging study is a clinical trial, Absorption Systems offers in vivo dose ranging studies where titerable doses of a test article or compound are tested against each other […]

  • Ocular/Vascular Disease and Surgical Models

    Due to our wide breadth of surgical experience and intimate knowledge of animal anatomy, Absorption Systems is able to create and induce a multitude of clinically relevant disease states in […]