Cadaver Studies and Physician Training

To support the early stage design and development of medical devices, Absorption Systems offers the option of performing human cadaver studies. This type of feasibility study allows clients to evaluate a device before entering into a live animal model. Multiple types of tissues can be procured in either a healthy or a diseased state depending on the client’s therapeutic interest, saving both time and money. Invaluable data are collected during these preliminary trials with the option to move into acute and chronic, GLP or Non-GLP, animal studies at our same facility further down the road.

Absorption Systems offers two fully equipped surgical suites, each of them sufficient to host up to 4 surgical stations at one time. By using a cadaver, device modifications and manipulations may be made on-site to fully utilize the tissue and the physician’s time.

Absorption Systems has an excellent relationship with many high-quality specimen providers. Specific disease states or causes of death may be requested if made far enough in advance.

Tissue TypesCadaver Studies Absorption Systems

  • Cephalus (head)
  • Whole arms
  • Shoulders
  • Torsos (intact and eviscerated)
  • Torso with cephalus
  • Torso to toe tip
  • Torso with proximal femurs
  • Pelvis to toe tip
  • Hemi pelvis to toe tip
  • Whole legs
  • Knees
  • Foot

 Flexibility and Cost
We understand the nascent stages of medical device research and development run on a tight budget, and therefore, we offer highly competitive pricing for our cadaver studies and physician training.