Drug Delivery Services

View our extensive capabilities within Preclinical Drug Delivery services. We provide a complete pharmacokinetic evaluation for each study.

  • Formulation Dissolution and / or Release Characterization
  • Transdermal Patches / Creams / Ointments
  • Buccal and Sublingual Dose Forms
  • Site-Specific Gastro-Intestinal Characterization
  • Modified and / or Sustained Release Oral Dose Forms
  • Ocular Depots / Devices
  • Formulation Comparison Evaluations
  • Pharmacokinetic Modeling



We have experience in all these areas, including sustained release, transdermal patches, intranasal dosing, implantable pumps, and drug-eluting stents.


Dose Routes

  • Ocular
  • Dermal
  • Intraoral (buccal,sublingual)
  • Intestinal
  • Vaginal