The Effect of NaI on Stromal Loading, Distribution and Degradation of CXLO Corneal Strengthening Solution after Topical Application and UVA Exposure in New Zealand White Rabbits
Gum, Glenwood; Rubinfeld; Parsons, Edward
Absorption Systems, San Diego, CA; Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC; Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC; Re:Vision, Rockville MD; CXL Ophthalmics, LLC Encinitas, CA

This poster was presented at ARVO, April 2019.

The purpose of this experiment was to validate in vivo the corneal penetration and photo-stabilization of riboflavin in solution with Sodium Iodide (NaI) and to evaluate effect of NaI on the persistence of Ribostat™ (riboflavin 0.5% & sodium iodide 0.015%, CXL Ophthalmics) using recommended clinical procedures for corneal collagen cross-linking during application and UVA exposure in New Zealand White rabbits.