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The History Behind Absorption Systems’ Transporters and CellPort Analytics™

The History Behind Caco-2 The application of Caco-2 cells in research was pioneered in the late 1980s by Ismael Hidalgo, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Absorption [...]

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The Importance of Quality in Cell Manufacturing

The Importance of Quality in Cell Manufacturing As pointed out in a recent literature review (Haleem et al., 2013) on quality in the pharmaceutical industry, there has been [...]

Efficiency, Analytics, and Continuity: Using CellPort Analytics® to Streamline In Vitro Drug-Drug Interaction Studies

This poster was presented at the Gordon Research Conference, July 2017. Introduction Transporter-overexpressing cells are used in our facility to assess in vitro drug-drug interactions with multiple cell [...]

Cellport Technologies Drug Transporter Assays

Great results begin with reliable test systems, which is why we developed CellPort AnalyticsTM Drug Transporter cell lines. Your studies are performed in validated test [...]