Study of the Effect of Simulated Fast vs Fed State on the Dissolution and Permeation of BCS Class 1-4 Drugs Using the In-vitro Dissolution Absorption System 2 (IDAS2)

Jibin Li, Nourdine Nessah, Carlos A Hidalgo, Yuehua Huang, Albert Owen, and Ismael J. Hidalgo
Absorption Systems LLC

This poster was presented at AAPS PharmSci 360, November 2018

The potential effect of food on drug absorption is well-recognized. In vivo, food effect (FE) can be mediated by several underlying mechanisms (e.g., gastric emptying time, splanchnic blood flow, pre-systemic elimination and membrane transporters), which can hinder data interpretation; and in vitro, FE studies focus primarily on dissolution, but not on permeation. Since both, drug dissolution and permeation, are important processes influencing drug absorption, an in vitro system capable of assessing the myriad factors that impact drug dissolution and permeation would be very useful. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the In-vitro Dissolution Absorption System 2 (IDAS2), which permits to determine the dissolution-permeation interplay of solid dosage forms, could be used for in vitro evaluation of FE on drug absorption of representative drugs from all BCS classes (Class 1-Class 4).