Absorption Systems participated in the Controlled Release Society 2018 Annual Meeting and Exposition in New York City to showcase our most recent work with the biologically relevant, in vitro system for assessment of intact immediate release formulations. IDAS™ (In Vitro Dissolution Absorption System) employs a live cell barrier rather than a synthetic membrane to accurately account for the interplay of APIs, formulation, and analytical methodology parameters.

Controlled Release Society’s Annual Meeting is a symposium attended by international regulatory, academic, and industry professionals. CRS hosts several focus groups concentrating on drug delivery, and attendees largely showed interest in the recent paradigms and advances in in vitro dissolution, in vitro release testing, and in vitro permeation testing.

Absorption Systems’ Dr. Jibin Li presented his most recent work at CRS to showcase the relevance of IDAS™. Dr. Li’s scientific poster, “Assessment of Drug Gastrointestinal Supersaturation Using a Two-Stage In Vitro Dissolution Absorption System 2”, was focused on the establishment of an in vitro method to evaluate the effect of the transition from gastric to intestinal environments on supersaturation and intestinal absorption. To learn more on Dr. Li’s findings, download his scientific poster HERE.

In vitro dissolution testing is used for product release and stability testing in all phases of product development and during the product life-cycle. Despite being prevalent in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the basics of the dissolution test are often misunderstood, resulting in inaccurate data or inaccurate interpretation of data.

Improperly designed dissolution studies result in several problems including: dissolution data that rarely has physiologic relevance, poor correlation between in vitro drug product release characteristics and in vivo performance, and limited utility of in vitro data in formulation development and optimization In Vitro Dissolution Absorption System plays a prominent role in assuring performance and quality to mitigate these common concerns

Absorption Systems has pioneered the investigation into bio-relevant dissolution testing that mechanistically resembles in vivo conditions. This dissolution test will accelerate drug development, provide in vitro in vivo correlation, and hasten evaluation of post-approval changes to reduce unnecessary clinical testing.

Additional studies are currently being conducted to further understand the underlying factors that affect and influence the relationship between in vitro measurements and in vivo performance. Be sure to follow the IDAS™ progression in leading proper in vitro testing method development.

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