Can I print or save documents from my website account?2016-05-17T15:01:20-04:00

Yes. You can open, print, and save any document you download from your account

Can I receive my report in other formats?2016-05-17T15:03:16-04:00

Yes. Though our default method of sending reports is an electronically signed PDF, you may also receive Word documents, hard copies, etc., but additional charges may apply.

How do I receive the report?2016-05-17T15:03:23-04:00

The report is an electronically signed (in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11) PDF. The report is signed by the scientific reviewer and the Study Director. It is delivered to the customer electronically or made available via the secure document delivery system of our website.

Can I receive a draft report?2016-05-17T15:03:33-04:00

Yes. The proposal may require that a draft report be sent to the customer for review and comment prior to finalization.

Does the report go through quality control?2016-05-17T15:03:41-04:00

Yes. The draft report is prepared by the Study Director and circulated to the quality control reviewer, followed by the scientific reviewer.

I have multiple shipments of test compounds. Do the protocols need to be identical?2016-05-17T15:06:19-04:00

No. Within the same study, multiple shipments of test compounds may or may not be tested according to identical protocols, as appropriate.

Do I have input on the study protocol?2016-05-17T15:06:32-04:00

Yes. Though our Lab Personnel creates the study protocol, the Study Director, Scientific Reviewer, and/or the customer may have input at this stage, as appropriate. The study protocol contains sufficient detail to conduct the study.

What if I would like updates throughout the study or an audit?2016-12-27T07:38:16-05:00

In-study updates may be issued during the progress of the study, typically between steps as outlined in the SOW.  This is most often done when customer in-put is required before proceeding to the next step.  A post-study quality assurance (QA) audit is included for the GLP studies or upon request by the customer.

How do I determine if Absorption Systems received my test compound?2016-12-27T07:38:16-05:00

Upon receipt of test compounds, a designated person at Absorption Systems will electronically confirm the receipt of test compounds.

How do I reference my study with Absorption Systems?2016-05-17T15:07:23-04:00

Your study will be given a Reference Study Number at the time of the proposal.

What if I want to change the Scope of Work (SOW) or proposals?2016-05-17T15:09:20-04:00

Many of our SOWs and proposals go through multiple revisions. A proposal is only final once the customer agrees to it. Signed proposals can be modified through execution of a change order.

Who else is assigned to my study?2017-03-07T09:00:01-05:00

A Study Director (SD) is assigned. This person oversees the experimental portion of the study. A Project Coordinator also tracks the progress of all studies to be sure they meet all previously agreed-upon timelines.

Who prepares the Scope of Work (SOW)?2014-07-31T19:34:36-04:00

The Account Manager prepares the SOW. However, it is reviewed, as appropriate, for scientific content by one of our scientific experts.

I am a new customer. Are there any special requirements?2016-05-17T15:09:28-04:00

Yes. A 50% prepayment may be required from new customers prior to study initiation.

How do we work together?2016-05-17T15:09:40-04:00

The sales team consists of a Business Development Manager (BDM: regional sales representative) and an Account Manager (AM). The BDM is usually the first contact with the customer. The AM is responsible for much of the subsequent correspondence with the customer.

What is the study process at Absorption Systems?2016-05-17T15:09:48-04:00

The customer works with our sales team to develop a scope of work (SOW) and pricing for a study. Once the SOW (study outline) is agreed to by the customer, it is used as the basis for a proposal, and the customer must sign and return the signed proposal to initiate a study. The customer then sends test compounds to our facility. Next, the Lab Personnel prepares a study protocol from the SOW (sign-off on the protocol may be necessary for work to begin). The experimental portion of the study is carried out under the direction of the Study Director, such that previously agreed-upon timelines are met. The report is generated and sent through quality control. It is then finalized and sent to the customer electronically or made available via the secure document delivery system of our website.