Evaluation of the In Vitro Dissolution and Absorption (IDAS2) as a potential surrogate for in vivo performance of drug formulations
Johayra Simithy1, Carlos Jiménez-Romero1, Geraldin Martínez1, Andrea Pravia1, Jibin Li2, Vatsala Naageshwaran3,
James Leong3 , Ismael J. Hidalgo1,2
1Absorption Systems Panama (ASP), Panama City, Panama, 2Absorption Systems LLC, Exton, Pennsylvania, 3Absorption Systems LP, San Diego, California

This poster was presented at AAPS PharmSci 360, November 2018, where it was awarded AAPS Best Abstract

In principle, in vitro solubility/permeability/dissolution experiments are useful to determine those properties of drugs and/or dosage forms that can help understand their behavior in vivo. However, generally, these measurements are conducted independently, with little concern for the physiological situation, and the resulting data have little relevance to in vivo performance. Since intestinal permeability is a key factor determining drug absorption, an in vitro system that permits to evaluate not only dissolution but also permeation would be very valuable in establishing a link between in vitro measurements and in vivo performance.