Dermal Wound Healing Model Assay Data Sheet

Study Purpose

from formulations across synthetic
membranes in Franz cells

Evaluate the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals and devices designed to treat epidermal and dermal defects or wounds

Type of Model
Acute – 3 to 7 days
Chronic – 28 days
Test System


  • Observations, wound scores, and wound measurements
  • Digital photographs
  • Histopathological interpretation with representative microscopic images
  • Histomorphometry

Model Description

  • Full or partial thickness wound creation
  • Test article applied by Absorption Systems scientists or Sponsor representatives
  • Customized bandaging and wound care
  • Clinical examinations at customized time points
  • Diabetic and infected wound models available


  • Positive and negative control groups provide comparative data
  • Absorption Systems has signifi cant experience with wound options and bandaging materials to ensure study success
  • Consultative assistance in animal model selection