Dermal Irritation Study

Study Purpose

from formulations across synthetic
membranes in Franz cells

Evaluate the irritation caused by test articles after dermal application

Type of Model
Dermal Irritation
14-21 days
Test System
Guinea Pigs


  • Draize scoring (erythema and edema) of the dose site
  • Percent adherence evaluated for patches
  • Digital photographs
  • Histopathology with standardized scoring system

Model Description

  • Four to six dose sites per animal
  • Dosing forms: gel, cream, patch, liquid
  • Animal’s hair is shaved the day prior to dosing (no depilatories are used)
  • Test article is applied directly onto the skin
  • Dosing and bandaging procedures are customized for each test article and animal model
  • Dose sites are outlined via marker, tattoo, or tincture of benzoin
  • Single or repeat dosing regimens available
  • Vehicle control dosed in parallel


  • On-site scientists with professional experience with small and large animals
  • Dedicated operations manager to facilitate study conduct and minimize turnaround time
  • Bioanalytical capabilities for combined pharmacokinetics (PK) studies
  • Consultative assistance in animal model selection