ACF Bioservices Job Opportunities

ACF Bioservices, an Absorption Systems company, is seeking project managers and scientists for our expanding cell and gene therapy division.  Alongside of our enthusiasm for science and research, we have a passion to see each and every one of our employees grow and succeed both personally and professionally. We are committed to creating an environment where individuals are encouraged to grow and work in collaboration with each other while being passionate about innovation.

Absorption Systems is a stable company with over 20 years of continuous growth. Located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, the area boasts many of the top school districts in Pennsylvania offering STEM or STEAM programs of study. Surrounding this region of Pennsylvania, life sciences career professionals will also notice that we are located in the hub of research and development. If you are searching for your next career move, consider ACF Bioservices, the cell & gene therapy division of Absorption Systems.

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