Absorption Systems’ leading scientists will be presenting their recent research at this year’s ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting, focused on our advancements in ocular models focused on improving outcomes.

Absorption Systems preclinical ocular models include in vivo and ex vivo options for implants, small and large molecules. Absorption Systems provides specialized tissue-based ADME ocular models that can provide a comprehensive study from design to testing to endpoint analysis using conditions optimized for your compound.

Absorption Systems will be showcasing our scientist’s pioneered ocular research at this year’s ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC on April 28th – May 2nd. Below please view all the posters Absorption will be featuring.

Poster Presentations:

  • Establishing a Correlation Between Cornea Neovascularization and Cornea Opacity in a Suture Induce CNV Model in Rabbit (Poster #: 937 – B0485)
    Matt Lyulkin – Sunday, April 28th – 1:00-2:45 pm
  • Characterization of angiographic features and validation of a chronic wet AMD rabbit model induced by DL-AAA (Poster #: 1250 – A0353)
    Vatsala Naageshwaran – Sunday, April 28th – 3:00-4:45 pm
  • Increased expression of IGFBP2 induces RPE and photoreceptor degeneration at senescence (Poster #: 2969 – A0252)
    Sandeep Kumar, PhD – Monday, April 30th – 8:45am-10:30am
  • The Effect of NaI on Stromal Loading, Distribution and Degradation of CXLO Corneal Strengthening Solution after Topical Application and UVA Exposure in New Zealand White Rabbits (Poster #: 4657 – B0182)
    Glenwood Gum, PhD – Tuesday, May 1st – 8:15-10:00am

Be sure to join our scientific experts as they present their recent research. Stick around and visit Booth #1436 to learn how we can assist your next ocular study.  To schedule an onsite meeting, please email us at contact@absorption.com.  We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver, April 28th!

Stick around, following the event all of these posters will be available for download.