Gut Reactions: An ADME-Centric View of the Gut Microbiome

Did you know that, although we’re 100% human at birth, by adulthood we’re 90% bacteria?  That’s because we harbor ten times more bacterial cells in our microbiome (most of which are in the gut) than our own cells.  So much so that the total mass of our microbiome is about the same as that of our liver.

Did you know that the large inter-individual variability in hepatic CYP3A4 expression may be largely accounted for by differences in the gut microbiome?  That’s because different bacteria produce different metabolites, many of which are substrates of uptake transporters in the gut and are inducers of CYP3A4 in the liver.

Did you know that transfer of gut bacteria from an obese animal or a diabetic animal or an animal with an inflammatory bowel to a normal animal can transfer the phenotype?  Maybe we should avoid using sledgehammers such as antibiotics and learn how to selectively modulate our gut microbiome to treat diseases.

Learn about research findings such as these at the symposium “Gut Reactions: An ADME-Centric View of the Gut Microbiome,” presented by the Delaware Valley Drug Metabolism Discussion Group on Tuesday, September 17 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel in Langhorne, PA.  For details, go to

Andrew Goodman (Yale), Jason Boer (Incyte Pharmaceuticals), Aaron Wright (Pacific Northwest National Lab and Washington State University), and Peter Spanogiannopoulos (UCSF) will speak on different aspects of bacterial drug metabolism.  Julia Cui and her student Joe Dempsey (University of Washington) will focus on the gut-liver axis.  Seth Walk (Montana State University) will talk about modulation of arsenic toxicity by gut bacteria.  And David Shen (University of Pennsylvania) will cover modulation of the human gut microbiome by a bile acid derivative.

Come and learn!  Lunch and refreshments are included in the registration ($175 in general, $75 for academic faculty, free for students), along with a very full scientific program.

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