• ARVO Annual Meeting

    Booth #1436 From Bench to Bedside and Back Today, more and more, the research conducted in labs travels the full journey from bench to bedside. Whether you are examining the […]

  • Dermal Irritation Study

    Study Purpose from formulations across synthetic membranes in Franz cells Evaluate the irritation caused by test articles after dermal application Type of Model Dermal Irritation Time 14-21 days Test System Rabbits […]

  • Irritation Tests of Device Materials

    These tests assess the local irritation potential of a test material, using sites such as skin or mucous membranes, in rabbits Catalog number EA672 Required from Customer Device or device […]

  • Improving Transporter Assay Outcomes: Test Systems (Part III)

    Discover clarity in transporters with this 3-part video series on compound properties, test systems, and design elements. This is part 3, presented by Qing Wang, Ph.D. one of the Study […]

  • Ocular Case Study

    Both efficacy and distribution are of extreme relevance to ocular drugs and medical devices. Learn how disparate animal models were used in tandem to assess ocular biodistribution.      […]

  • Overcome Difficulties When Dosing Into the Heart – Cardiovascular Case Study

    The dynamic nature of the heart makes it one of the most fascinating yet difficult organs to work with. How does one overcome difficulties presented when dosing into the heart? (2:21) […]