Absorption Systems Now Offering Assay Ready Plates


Assay Ready PlatesAbsorption Systems is proud to announce we are now accepting requests for our CellPortReadyTM Assay Ready Plates.  Assay Plates and Assay Kits are available in 12 and 24-well formats.  We are offering training either at your lab or our lab located in Exton, Pennsylvania.  Each assay kit includes: plate(s), medium and control compounds. Batch certification and assay protocol are also provided.  Available Assay-Ready Transporters include: Caco-2 (C2BBe1), MDR1-MDCK, and BCRP-MDCK.  Select Uptake Cell Lines are also available by special request.

For more information on the Assay Plates or Assay Kits, or to request a shipment please use the link below.  Click here to learn more about our CellPort TechnologiesTM Drug Transporters.

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