Exton, PA (HQ)

The Exton-based headquarters are located just outside of Philadelphia and has approximately 30,000 sq. ft. of space. The facility encompasses executive and sales offices, in vitro labs, and a small animal vivarium.

Nearly all of Absorption Systems’ in vitro work is performed in the Exton location, including permeability, metabolism, drug transporters, formulations, and physicochemical properties, plus in vivo rodent PK.

Bioanalysis services are provided with the help of 21 LC-MS / MS machines and an LTQ Orbitrap XL. The facility is also able to handle radioactive compounds and has a license from the DEA to handle compounds classified as high as Schedule I.

The Exton facility has the capability to perform GLP studies, including GLP bioanalysis, in accordance with regulatory guidance by the FDA. All in vivo work is overseen by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and we recently were certified with an OLAW assurance at this site.

IACUC approval
Maintains an IACUC committee

Corporate Headquarters: Exton, Pennsylvania, USA
Telephone: 610-280-7300
Fax: 610-280-9667
Email: contact@absorption.com