ExpressPlus Plasma Protein Binding in PlasmaEquilibrium dialysis is used in this assay to determine the percentage of test compound that binds to human, rat, dog, primate or mouse plasma proteins Catalog number EA701 Required from Customer Deliverables Substrate Assay System Assay Conditions Assay QC Dynamic Range Notes
  1. The results from this assay are sent to the customer in the ExpressPlus report format, which may include graphical representations of data and comparison with historical data for reference compounds.
  2. This assay uses frozen / thawed pooled blood plasma.
  3. This assay can yield ambiguous results with test compounds that are unstable in plasma. Absorption Systems can determine the plasma stability of a test compound at an additional cost.
  4. The following equation is used to calculate the percentage of the test compound bound to plasma proteins based on the peak area response ratio (PARR): % bound =  ([PARR (donor)] – [PARR (receiver)]  x 100)/[PARR (donor)]
  1. The customer can request that the experiment be performed using a Teflon chamber microdialysis apparatus with an equilibration time of >22 hours.