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Uptake Transporters

Intestinal Uptake Transporters, Hepatic Uptake Transporters, Renal Uptake Transporters OATP2B1, OATP1B1, OAT1 OATP1A2, OATP1B3, OAT3 PepT1, OCT1, OCT2 Uptake transporter interaction assessments are performed at Absorption Systems using various uptake […]

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Why evaluate the substrate and inhibitor potential of the investigational drug for specific transporters and why do the FDA and EMA care? Membrane transporters can have clinically relevant effects on […]

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Organic Anion Transporter Polypedtides

OATP1B1 (SLCO1B1), OATP1B3 (SLCO1B3), OATP1A2 (SLCO1A2) and OATP2B1 (SLCO2B1) Transporters OATP: What and Where The organic anion transporter polypedtides (OATPs; SLCO) represent a superfamily of transporters. Regardless of their name, […]

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