Lead Optimization Assays

EA  99 Preparation of Stock Solution from Powder
EA101 Equilibrium Solubility by Shake Flask
EA102 LogD Determined using Shake Flask
EA103 pKa, LogP, LogD Determined by Potentiometric Titration
EA104 Express Solubility
EA105 Express LogD by Shake Flask
EA150 Stability in Gastric Fluids
EA151 Stability in Plasma
EA152 Chemical Stability in Buffer
EA153 Express Stability in Plasma or Whole Blood
EA154 Express Stability in Buffer
EA180 Cytotoxicity Caco-2
EA181 HepG2 Cell Cytotoxicity
EA182 Hepatocyte Cytotoxicity
EA190 Hemolysis
EA201 Express Unidirectional Caco-2
EA202 Express Bidirectional Caco-2
EA203 Express MDR1-MDCK P-gp Interaction
EA204 Express MDR1-MDCK P-gp Inhibition
EA222 Express P-gp Inhibitor Assessment
EA223 Express BCRP Inhibitor Assessment
EA224 Express PepT1 Substrate Assessment in Caco-2 Cell Monolayers
EA252 Express P-gp Substrate Assessment in Caco-2 CPT-P1 P-gp KD cells
EA401 Express Metabolic Stability in Human Liver Microsomes
EA402 Express Metabolic Stability in Rat Liver Microsomes
EA415 Express Metabolic Stability in Mouse Liver Microsomes
EA416 Express Metabolic Stability in Primate Liver Microsomes
EA417 Express Metabolic Stability in Dog Liver Microsomes
EA418 Express IC50 Determination using Fluorescent Substrates
EA424 Express Metabolic Stability in S9 Fraction
EA425 Express Metabolic Stability in Hepatocytes
EA426 Express CYP Inhibition in Human Liver Microsomes (single conc.)
EA427 Express CYP Inhibition IC50 in Human Liver Microsomes
EA429 Express Time Dependent Inhibition (w/ & w/out pre-incubation)
EA430 Express Time Dependent Inhibition (pre-incubation w/ & w/out NADPH)
EA432 Express UGT Inhibition
EA433 Express Detection of Glucuronides
EA434 Express Glutathione Trapping
EA444 Express CYP Reaction Phenotyping using Supersomes
EA445 Express CYP Reaction Phenotyping using Chemical Inhibitors
EA701 Express Plasma Protein Binding in Human Plasma
EA702 Express Plasma Protein Binding in Rat Plasma
EA707 Express Fraction Unbound
EA708 Express Plasma Protein Binding in Mouse Plasma
EA709 Express Plasma Protein Binding in Primate Plasma
EA710 Express Plasma Protein Binding in Dog Plasma
EA713 Express Blood to Plasma Ratio
EA807 Express Mouse PK
EA808 Express Rat PK
EA810 Express Dog PK
EA812 Express Dog PK (Non-crossover)
EA813 Express ABT PK in Rats
EA818 Express Monkey PK (Crossover)
EA819 Express Monkey PK (Non-crossover)
EA820 Express Brain to Plasma Ratio in Rodents
EA821 Express Rabbit PK
EA982 Express Dose Vehicle Assessment

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